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Basic Purnama Shawl

Size Guide
Dusty Purple
Dark Magenta
  • Timeless, Elegant and Classy.

    Limited Pieces by Naim Daniel for PURNAMA Merch. Perfectly designed to match your everyday outfit and feature a light material which makes it easy to style as headscarves and perfect for everyday use.

    Details :
    1. Material : Plain Chiffon
    2. Measurements : 1.8 x 0.7
    3. Finishing : Baby Seam
    4. Label : Exclusive Purnama Metal
    5. Shape : Rectangle

  • Country Rate Ships Out In You Can Receive In
    Semenanjung Malaysia (West) Capped RM7 3-7 Working Days 5-10 Working Days
    Malaysia (Sabah & Sarawak) Capped RM14 3-7 Working Days 7-14 Working Days
    Singapore Capped RM25 3-7 Working Days 7-18 Working Days
    Indonesia From RM90 3-7 Working Days 15-25 Working Days
    Brunei From RM90 3-7 Working Days 15-25 Working Days
    Australia From RM110 3-7 Working Days 15-25 Working Days