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  • Purnama Limited Edition Moon Enamel Mug - Purna"mug"

    The classy Purna"mug" enamel mug. Made from durable enameled steel that is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Easy to clean; dishwasher safe. Not microwaveable. The mug can get hot to hold when filled with hot beverages.

    Sturdy and durable, virtually unbreakable mug.

    Package includes
    1 x Printed Enamel Mug

    Size Guide:

    8cm( Height ) x 8cm ( Diameter )

  • Country Rate Ships Out In You Can Receive In
    Semenanjung Malaysia (West) Capped RM7 3-7 Working Days 5-10 Working Days
    Malaysia (Sabah & Sarawak) Capped RM14 3-7 Working Days 7-14 Working Days
    Singapore Capped RM25 3-7 Working Days 7-18 Working Days
    Indonesia From RM90 3-7 Working Days 15-25 Working Days
    Brunei From RM90 3-7 Working Days 15-25 Working Days
    Australia From RM110 3-7 Working Days 15-25 Working Days